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Magnificent office spaces of over 14,000 m2, this grand development will be the headquarters of the most important national and international corporations; wide parking spaces, controled-access elevators, a broad lobby for each reception, luxurious interior design and exclusives detail are only some of the best features it will offer. As you enter the reception, you will be invited in by the incredible details that become the space. In case of emergencies, the heliport will be available, thus giving security and efficiency. Every detail hs be designed to offer an authentic and prestigious experience.
Personal and corporate events, congresses, conferences and any group activity can be held in our exclusive full service. Access to our wide terraces with controled access, security guards, catering or menu service, will satisfy the attendee with the highest quality standards.
· Over 14,000 m2 of office space will be the home to important to international, national and regional corporations.
· High security elevators.
· Controled reception.
· Heliport.
· Wide parking spaces.
· Luxurious detail.
· Broad lobbies.
· Closed circuit.
· Office height 4.00 m.
· Spacious terraces for events and recreational areas.
Paseo De los Insurgentes #3356, León, Guanajuato, Mx. C.P. 37330

Phone: 01 (477) 478- 7000
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